Monday, August 6, 2012

Work issues

There are times, a lot of them, when I'm glad I still work part time. At the moment, I would like to increase my hours, but I'm not in a rush. Which, is just as well, given that the LNP is slashing and burning its budgetary way through Queensland, particularly it's public servants. Yes, they've announced they will be leaving health care workers and police alone, but all bets are off for every one else employed by the public service. They could've at least given the same reassurance to teachers and ambos and firies, but I digress.
I went to a work education course on the weekend. As a nurse, I have to attend a certain amount of education each year to help maintain my registration. I also have to do this for my midwifery registration and even though my immunisation qualifications are no longer recognized by the now national registration body, I have to also do education to maintain this as a relevant qualification.

This weekends course was for midwifery. Specifically for rural and/or remote midwifery under less than ideal circumstances and with unqualified staff. A few RNs attended, along with some midwives and local doctors.
I've learned  some things from that course. The higher educated one is, the more painful and argumentative one can be. Impressive qualifications do not guarantee that you will feel secure in them. A number of professionals, no matter how impressive their resumes, still feel the need to boast about how much they know and what they've seen and/or done.
Nuff said.

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