Sunday, September 11, 2011

Long break

Yes folks, it's been a while (oh alright ages) since I've posted well anything on my blog. I do have good reason, however. Last month I was a Census collector. I may have mentioned earlier on (or not) that I may be having further surgery at the end of the year. This means that come Christmas time I will be cactus and not really fit for any Christmas shopping sprees. So what better way than to get myself some extra money beforehand and wa la, problem solved. So I duly applied (as did one of my kids) and got accepted (miss 23 as the reserve). We started preparation/training late July and delivery shortly thereafter. Couple of days rest and then into collection and then counting and reconciliation of the (damned) book. Couple of things I learned about Census collection.
1. There was a lot of stuff and if you lost any of it, you may have to met your local feds (gulp).
2. I am so glad I never went into accounting, I tend to make a mess of most forms, let alone a large thick book. As for reconciliation.....don't get me started.
3. I got fitter (and lost a bit of weight), all that walking.
4. I live in a nice neighbourhood. Most people were really nice (or at least civil).
5. Not everyone will be happy about doing it. In our area some refused outright, or just didn't send in their forms etc. That's their choice I guess.
6. I have real feeling for the job of posties now. Some dogs will try to attack you through the fence near the letterbox, or even try to jump the fence.
7. This job is all consuming for the short time you do it. Between my permanent job and this one, I worked out (very roughly) that I worked the equivalent of 1 &3/4 full time work. Gaaarh!

I sacrificed a volunteers position at the Brisbane Writers Festival for this, oh well, maybe next year.
As for the Christmas presents (and birthday presents), well on the way. Yay!