Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb post

It's probably my first and last post from my trust iPad this month. So what's up?
* (I've always liked asterisks) I went back to work, I know lame excuse, but there you have it.
* we've had the fun of the 12 month check up at the PA hospital this week, including MRI. All is can say is gaarh!! I ended up taking (half) a serapes to calm myself down today. Fortunately all is well, it's the same size and I just need a review in 6 months time. I will get a 2nd opinion in the meantime on my options.
* we're going to the USA on Sunday, yay. Won't be back til march. Im gonna sing the "leavin, on a jet plane" song while we're at the airport. Everyone else, have a good month. Hehe.
Will give my no doubt, uninformed opinions on America when I get back.